Why tapas?

Tapas is the way to "taste" the cuisine from Spain in small plates.
"Tapear" is the way to go for tapas in Spain

Tapas are an exquisite, varied and choice example of Spanish gastronomy which allows you to share a variety of dishes and try a wide range of different products.

More than just a popular gastronomic concept, in recent years, tapas have soared to new epicurean heights. World-renowned Spanish chefs have elevated one of Spain’s most signature delights to the level of fine cuisine. Likewise, the tapas concept has exploded internationally, gaining in prevalence across varied cuisines as some of the most prestigious chefs in the world now offer their own interpretations of tapas on menus around the globe. But, despite its growing popularity on a global scale, the heart and soul of the tapas concept still resides in Spain.

For Spaniards, tapas are not only delectable creations defined by richness, variety and high gastronomic quality, they are a way of life. Both the Tapa and the action of Tapeo are a part of Spanish culture that extends beyond an extraordinary bite of food. Because tapas are usually eaten standing up and in a group, they offer an exceptional opportunity for socializing that is in its own way unique to the culture of Spaniards. In fact, any Spaniard will tell you that the only way to properly enjoy tapas in Spain is with a lively spirit of fun and comradery.

In June 2017 with #TAPASTOURPDX, we celebrate Spain in Portland through the Spanish custom of tapas, which combines the pleasures of tasting small plates and sharing with family or friends.


Portland is widely recognized as one of the most exceptional gastronomic cities in the United States with a remarkable food scene, quality and innovative restaurant programs, and a knowledgeable public that values culinary culture as a symbol of the city’s identity.

Spanish cuisine is in a time of expansion and growth in Portland, Oregon.

New Spanish restaurants by chefs from Spain are establishing themselves in this gastronomic city of the United States to recreate the flavors of Spanish cuisine using modern and traditional techniques.

In this city of authentic culinary fans and innovative craftsmen, the connections to Spain are represented ubiquitously through Portland’s restaurants, farmer’s markets, winemakers, breweries, distilleries, and artisans.

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